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” It all starts in Paris ” Nancy Spain

Château de Chantilly

Chantilly castle, gardens and royal staples

The Chantilly Castle with its stables and gardens form a beautiful set worth visiting. Located north of Paris in a city green and chic at the same time, the castle offers us a very rich collection of paintings and art works and through its collection a historical journey in the footsteps of all those who have marked this place of their footprint.

Among them the unfortunate cook called, François Vatel who committed suicide for not to lose face before the Sun King or its last occupant Duc d’Aumale who turned the castle into a Museum to house all his precious acquisitions. We live again the history of these places with passion! We will stroll through the gardens to a small mill where for the first time in history of France a whipped cream was served later on called “la crème Chantilly”.

According to your wishes we may add other visits to nearby points: Lace Museum known for its particular black lace, Water mill- Le Pavillon de Manse, the forest of Chantilly, the city of Senlis…

photo: H.Boncoeur 

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