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” It all starts in Paris ” Nancy Spain



Tourist agency:

Our customers were very satisfied with their day, and praised you to the skies. For many of them woke up a burning desire to return to Paris -Thank you for it !

Really, they were glad that it was you that guided them. They said that the way you tell things is really fascinating. Many thanks & rapid enrollment with new groups.


Aike- International: – as an interpreter for adult educators

Helena, on behalf of the whole Finnish group, I would like once again to extend very warm thanks to you with a very high level of interpretation, the pleasant company and for your help in many ways during our trip to Paris and Burgundy region. It was a joy to work with you! 🙂


Kukkola group :

All has been wonderful and the girls were very pleased. They wanted to convey special thanks to their guide Helena , which was awesome and worked perfectly!
Thank you !


Thank you for a pleasant trip to cultural birthplace and special thanks to all additional info like the “lack” of impressionism in Finland.

Sakari Tola
Professor, Expert doctor


I got feedback from travel agency, the customer sent thanks to the travel arrangements and specifically mentioned that you were a great guide


A big thank to all successful groups we had had only thanks from everybody !!!!! A thousand thanks to you


Thank you for taking care of the well being of the group!


I have received excellent feedback from your work from Hankintatukku group, straight from the customer in writing and orally, as well as from the travel agent (where they praised you both as well).


Huge thanks once again for a flexible and magnificent OPERATION WITH THIS GROUP.
Special thanks to the pro-activities of special situations (Bus & case of disease)(beverages)(Breads), It’s wonderful when you know that things are in the hands of professionals .


Guide Helena was in all respects a very good guide! Attentive, friendly, expert, If there is something she did not know she found out about it. Many traders had said, the best guide ever


GROUP POISOT  (Normandy, France on a visit to the Château de Chantilly)

We returned late but happy of this very beautiful and good day in your company.

Thank you for spending your day with our group.

We thoroughly enjoyed discovering this wonderful collection with you.


Thank you for the way you took care of this group once again.

You got a lot of greetings from group members !!!!!


Thank you for the good care! The trip was successful, We learned a lot and for so many it was their first time in Paris , but certainly not the last.

Sakari T.
managing director



So now, finally, we thank you and Hermann for the opening of our trip to France.

In fact, it was the best period of our whole journey !

 E. Nevapuro 


Guide Helena welcomed us at the airport. What a really good guide, the actual databank, helpful and just the kind of, the kind of guide should be. So I can recommend!


Still a warm thank to your guidance during our journey in Paris . Return trip went well and we had time to reach Oulu flight as well.

Lyyli and Antero


Customer (Kylli) had been very satisfied with our services, ESPECIALLY YOURS !


Seniors from the Helsingin Sanomat in Paris:

Thanks again for the great guidance. We were all super greatful!
Happy summer!
Pirkko Vuorio


Holmberg family:

Finally returned home and wanted to thank you for your guidance, advice and kindness


The customer particularly appreciated the information you gave when heading to the race track, you’ve found out about things that were helpful and interesting for them in advance.
In other respects they very much appreciated your work and your being. Everything went so brilliantly.
THANK YOU AGAIN you are a top guide!


Thank you again for the friendly, professional and flexible service during our visit! Dealers ( our customers) were charmed.
Wishing you a sunny autumn,
H. Pöri / Toyota



Special thanks to Helena, who made a citytour in Paris for us on People & Fashion. It was really interesting and well-built, and it worked brilliantly with our group ! Gorgeous tour!


Many thanks for your work with many of our groups in the past year .
It is so great to collaborate with you .


Riitta really appreciated your expertise and the way you guided them.

Anne Kajander

Sales Manager

Oy Kon-Tiki Tours Ltd/MatkaSeniorit




Overall rating: very fantastic journey.
The group has a lot of those, who have been on many organised trips already and this was the best trip ever. Guide: brilliant Helena!!! Just great! From all the guided journeys we’ve made, Helena is number one. (Awesome!) Champagne Tour – group members praised for such a program on the way. A good trip. Citytour – very good.


Tolppanen- Family

The customer was fully “won about” you, Here’s his feedback; Everything went really well. A perfect guide , transfers took place in a precise manner and the driver was great and smart. This was a bull’s eye performance. Warm thanks.


HUMMERIPORUKKA : On the behalf of the whole “Lobster group” ; Thank you so much for the citytour of Reims on Saturday.


ETELÄ-POHJANMAAN EKONOMIT : Thank you Helena, you did of our holiday journey a perfect one, knowledge and insight came in adundance.


GROUP : NORMANDY land of taste

I chatted with a group and they were very happy.. all went well and the tour guide was EXCELLENT thanks to her!!!


GROUP : Akavan special sectors
Guided tour and, in particular, the guide were fantastic.



Our trip was more than great and the local tour guide Helena , was very helpful and attentive!



Particular note must be made for the services of Mrs Helena Boncoeur whose difficult and essential role allowed the success of our meetings.

Catherine GOHIN
Management of Youth and Sports of the city of Paris


To Helena !
Thanks for the insightful and clear guidance. Travelers were happy !


An excellent French Guide :

I participated at the beginning of April, in Normandy tour. Normandy is interesting by the history of the area, not to mention its gastronomy as well. There’s so much to see .

A special thanks deserves our excellent guide, Helena Koskenranta-Boncoeur, as well by her experience level as her attitude. This type of knowledgeable and qualified guides I have hardly met during the ten years I’ve been travelling on sightseeing trips about 2-4 times a year. She did not leave anything to be desired.

Stockmann department store VIP-tours


Thank you Helena !!
The client was delighted with your services and she had a lot of praise in your regard !
Cecile Dubeau
Pacific World



Again roses were handed over to us; I chatted with Tommi from Jollas and all went on very well during their journey.

Special thanks he wanted to convey to our tour guide, who was really prepared for the team.



On the whole, the trip was successful. Helena was a great guide, we can warmly recommend her to other groups.




Now I have to give some feedback. We were in Paris with Martha organization , I have never been so well guided than now. Helena was wonderful, absolutely mind-blowing, a walking encyclopedia, how a person can remember so much about history. Everything went well, food, buses and metro tickets,, there’s nothing to blame,very well organized trip , I will always praise and use your services. I will never forget this trip, my heart stayed in Paris, its history and all the things I got to know let me feel a deep love to Paris.

A huge thank to you Helena, I never want another guide, than Helena. Please send my thanks to all and thanks from all those who were on the trip as well.

Fresh spring greetings from Riitta Haakana



A big thank to you from our entire family’ of the very pleasant and
and expert guidance. We would have liked to continue
even longer, but as you travel with small children it is with the child’s conditions and priorities
are different than at any other time.

During our sightseeing tour a rehearsed lot of details, that I have heard of
in the past, but they had left my mind . “Repetition is the mother of studies”’
– as the saying goes, and it was witnessed once again.
Thank you Helena once again.



Thank you for your concern. The guests were satisfied with the services . Guide Helena was excatly what they hoped for.

Greetings and thanks to the guide!



Two years ago, I was travelling in Normandy.
Helena Boncoeur, our guide had lived in Paris for at least 20 years.
She was formed in Paris and was accredited. She was excellent, I could not have hoped for a better guide! I’ve made several tours in ten years and I have seen all types of guides. Helena was very well prepared. She was asked a variety of things and if she did not know the answer, she noted the question, made inquiries and gave the answer later. The fact that she is married to a French man, gives her an extensive knowledge of France, culture and French society. In addition, she’s a very nice person. This trip was very rewarding in every way. I still think of it with great pleasure!

Sirpa S. 

This feedback arrived by surprise to my mailbox in the beginning of the year.


Hi Helena,

Thank you for your email! You are wonderful, a truly lively guide!

Regards, Airi


We remember very well our meeting on Père Lachaise and how we strolled along for some hours. It was one of our best moments in Paris! We know from experience how qualified, passionate and dedicated you are!

J & L Schellekens, Netherlands



Thank you so much Helena for your wonderful guiding during our trip to Champagne. We were all satisfied. You are a delightful guide and very professional. Thank you again!

Bing Tan


Thank you all very much for your encouraging feedback! 🙂

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