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” It all starts in Paris ” Nancy Spain

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I am originally Finnish and Parisian since 1988. I’ve worked as an official guide in Paris and in France for more than fifteen years.

♥ When I arrived in Paris, I discovered with delight the beauty of this city. I studied French and Italian at the Sorbonne and History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre. Contact with works of art woke up in me a passion for the Art History. At the end of my studies at the University, I decided to work on the theme “The Representation of the character of Judith in Italian painting.”. My research works have been mentionned in the Catalogue of the Convention “Giuditta e altre heroine bibliche tra Rinascimento e Barocco” in 2007 at the University of Padua in Italy and in 2008 at the University of the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris .

♥ Art is not my only passion. Military history has become an interest too, thanks to my husband, who is passionate about different global conflicts. For years I followed him on the battlefields and sites of memory. I started to read about the subject  and learned more and more everytime. Today it is a passion I share with my husband and some friends. We cannot forget that this is an important page in our history during which so many lives were devasted and the after-war gave birth to our current society.

♥ Passionate and both curious about the French culture and by the life in Paris and France, I love discovering unknown and unusual places. I keenly transmit what I learn and places I discover: some of them are known only by happy-fews, wine bars, nice shops… the art of living and the joy of living! There are so many beautiful things to see and rediscover in Paris and in France!

♥ As a mother, my children taught me how to adapt to a younger audience. Through and with them I’ve been active in sports clubs and in school activities. I’ve been able to enrich myself in contact with young people and learn how to adapt my visits to their needs. Since then I have had the chance to guide both young children and teenagers . Families will find in me a well-adapted guide to family visits!

♥ Solid professional experience, on all fronts (Normandy, Paris, Burgundy, Champagne…) I love guiding groups or individuals of any age. Even under pressure, don’t worry I remain helpful and friendly!

My deepest desire is that you spend a wonderful time during our tour and that you’ll turn back home with beautiful memories that will last in your heart for a long time .

I look forward to show you Paris and France! Welcome!

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