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Museum of Fine arts Rouen

Cafeteria Musée des Beaux-Arts Rouen

Martpan/Wikimedia Creative Commons

The Museum of the Fine Arts in Rouen was created at the beginning of the 19th century thanks to seizure of works of art made during the French Revolution. The enrichment of its collections continued afterwards through purchases and donations.

Velazquez’ s famous “Democritus” is part of the collections! Eugène Delacroix asked for his masterpiece’“the Justice of Trajan” to be deposited in Rouen! The artists who were native of Normandy donated their works to Museum: Poussin, Géricault…You’ll find works of Clouet, Van Dyck, Puget, Ingres, Moreau, Traversi, Gérard David, Véronèse, Rubens… the Impressionist painters are present as well.

A beautiful Museum! After the visit through the History of Art, there’s a possibility to enjoy a cup of coffee with homemade pastries in the winter garden where a pleasant Café has opened its doors!

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