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Caen – a Gateway to the Sea

Caen is an amazing city!

Medieval castle of William the Conqueror, Caenn Normandy
chrisbromley0 de Pixabay


On the one hand it has an access to the sea by the Orne canal and on the other hand it is firmly rooted in the earth with its castle : the ancient castle of Wilhelm the Conqueror. A city where we will take pleasure in the promenade because very quickly we will move from one century to another without walking too much!

Saint Michel church in the famous Vauzelles quarter, Caen
didier aires de Pixabay


We’ll discover the different areas of the city: the Medieval Castle, the Royal Abbeys ordered by Wilhelm and his spouse Mathilde and in the Museum of Fine arts of Caen you’ll find an exceptional collection of Italian paintings!

After the landing of Allies on the 6 June 1944, it took two months to liberate Caen and at the end of the war the city was in ruins. Despite the heavy shelling the medieval part of town were miraculously preserved.

Benouville Bridge, known as Pegasus Bridge, Canal of Orne, Caen


The Caen Memorial will allow us to better understand the scale of this global conflict and the need we have to preserve peace today.

Near Caen, in Bénouville, we will discover the famous Pegasus Bridge, which was taken by the men of Captain Howard within 10 minutes, action that contributed largely to the success of the Allied landings.


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