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” Paris is a Moevable Feast ” Ernest Hemingway

Orsay Museum

The building that looks like a Palace was opened for the Orsay Museum in Paris, FranceUniversal Exhibition held in 1900. It was meant to be a train station between Paris and Orléans. The very first electric train station in Paris ! But soon the traffic was abandoned and the building remained empty until 1962 when Orson Welles used it in his film “the Trial”, based on Frans Kafka’s novel.

auguste Renoir au musée d'orsay

The interest towards the building arose and in 1986 the President of the Republic, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, decided to open a museum dedicated to the art of the second half of 19th century till the years 1914. We will especially admire the paintings of the Impressionists artists while enjoying at the same time the atmosphere of this magnificent former train station hall, home of powerful sculptures, paintings, objects of art.

A delightful visit to the 19th century artistic atmosphere! Possibility to visit also the temporary exhibitions. Please be in contact and express your wishes!



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