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” Paris is a Moevable Feast ” Ernest Hemingway

Catacombs of Paris

Catacombs of Paris, FranceAdvisable even to the most fragile souls !

Enter the abyssal depths of the kingdom of the dead 20 meters below Paris! During this guided tour you will discover corridors and rooms that are normally inaccessible to the public: the underground quarries of Paris transformed to catacombs in the 19th century.

The largest necropolis in the world !

The Catacompbs of Paris, France


The catacombs of Paris are an ossuary containing the remains of more than 6 millions Parisians. The guided tour of the catacombs can be done in any season since the temperature is always constant showing 14 ° C. Book your unordinary tour in the world of mortals !

With an official guide you have access to places that are normally closed for other visitors. 


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