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” Paris is a Moevable Feast ” Ernest Hemingway

Albert Kahn – Botanical Garden

Japanese bridge, Botanical Garden Albert Kahn, Paris, FranceAlbert Kahn, who lived in the 19th century, was a wealthy banker and a philanthropist. He sent reporters around the globe to capture images of people living elsewhere. In the Museum adjoining the Botanical Garden, you will discover a huge collection of pictures taken during these trips. This collection of autochromes is the largest in the world!

Japanese garden Albert Kahn Museum, Paris, France


We’ll stroll in the garden and discover lots of flowers, plants and trees that travelers brought from afar. We will admire among others the curious “tissue tree ”, which leaves recall the paper handkerchiefs and we’ll stroll in the shade of these trees to finish our visit in a moment of peace in the beautiful Japanese garden.


photos: compfight cc &  dreampics

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